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How are dues calculated?
Dues are based on total IDD revenue defined as follows: Total revenue for prior audited year for supports and services for persons with disabilities.

What if my company has multiple provider sites?
You have 2 options:

  • Each Kentucky agency under your corporate umbrella (with its own separate provider number) should submit an application for membership based upon its revenue. This entitles each entity to have 1 member and 1 alternate receiving communication and attending meetings/events.
  • If you choose to have 1 member/1 alternate to receive communication and attend meetings/events, you must include the TOTAL IDD revenue from all Kentucky agencies under your corporate umbrella.

Note: Each member must declare a designated representative, and alternate (if they choose), in writing, for the purpose of voting, voicing interests, holding office and serving on boards, committees and workgroups. Only the designated representative (or alternate) may voice and/or cast votes at meetings, in elections or serve as an Officer or on the Board. No more than two representatives of an organization/entity can serve on the Board of Directors simultaneously – and only one representative can serve as an officer at any given time.

Can I write my dues off on my taxes?
Dues, contributions and other assessments paid to KAPP are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, payments of membership dues are deductible for most members as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

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