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Click here to join KAPP in 2019!


KAPP membership has experienced tremendous growth, with membership topping 120 member agencies, and become much more visible as we successfully worked with the legislature in 2018 to include a 10% SCL rate increase in the most recent state budget for fiscal years 2019 and 2020.  KAPP continues to work with the Cabinet to change regulatory processes, reduce payment delays, and represent the voice of providers in the waiver redesign process.  


img_5148Our success is possible because of the hard work of our committed full-time Executive Director/Lobbyist, and a very active and committed Board of Directors. Moving forward with a paid executive has achieved great results, enabling KAPP to emerge as a more powerful voice for providers of IDD services.  KAPP has become a respected voice and often called to the table when providers are needed for input or as stakeholders.  

Waiver Providers = KAPP

The work KAPP does benefits ALL providers, but the greater our numbers… the louder our voice!

KAPP dues are NOT increasing for 2019!  Our affordable membership levels make it even easier for you to be  part of our active and effective association.  You can’t afford NOT to be a member!

If you’ve never been part of our association, there has NEVER been a better time to join KAPP!

  • Associate Membership = $500/year

  • Level 1: Revenue Range $0 – $500,000 = $750/year

  • Level 2: Revenue Range $500,001 – $999,999 =$1,000/year

  • Level 3: Revenue Range $1,000,000 – $2,499,999 =$1,500/year

  • Level 4: Revenue Range $2,500,000 – $4,999,999 =$2,000/year

  • Level 5: Revenue Range $5,000,000 – $9,999,999 =$2,500/year

  • Level 6: Revenue Range $10,000,000 – $19,999,999 =$3,500/year

Regular Membership

Any private organization, company, partnership, corporation (non-profit or for profit) or association that provides services for persons with I/DD in Kentucky is eligible for “Membership” (member) in the Association providing they are:

  1. Recognized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky by being a ‘licensed’ or ‘Medicaid certified’ provider delivering services to person with IDD;

  2. Agreeing to comply with the ANCOR Principles, Standards and Quality Pledge; and

  3. Maintain good standing in payment of Association dues.

Associate Members

For those individuals, corporations, state agencies or others who do not qualify as ‘Regular Members,’ the Association also provides for an associate membership. This ‘Associate’ classification may include individuals, businesses, public or governmental agencies, or others who wish to support the interests of the Association, but cannot qualify as a ‘member’ or a Kentucky service provider. Associates shall be non-voting and may not serve on the Board of Directors.

Notes on Membership Application

  • All Regular Members and Associate Members must submit documentation to apply for initial membership as may be prescribed by the Association Board of Directors.

  • Following this initial application submission, the Board of Directors must vote to accept Regular and Associate Members by a majority vote of a quorum of the Board.

  • Renewal of uninterrupted membership does not require board action.

  • Membership is a one-year commitment. Full dues payment for the year is expected in order to remain in active status and to continue receiving e-mail communication and updates.  

  • You may join at ANY time during the year.  (Dues are not pro-rated.)  Your membership will run one full year from the date your initial dues are received.  

  • You can, if needed, request a quarterly payment plan when completing the membership application.  The Board will then consider the request and notify you of approval and payment plan agreement.