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The Re-KAPP 12.16.16


…the Re-KAPP

MONDAY 12.12.16:

  • As part of the ANCOR System Redesign Workgroup, I was asked to join a small group in Washington on Monday that included:  ANCOR CEO & Staff, Barbara Merrill, Esme’ Grant Grewal, Katherine Berland, Doris Parfait-Claude; Ken Lovan (ResCare), Daryn Demeritt (ResCare), Mark Davis (OPRA) and Rachel Patterson (HMA).  The larger group had worked to create a document as a result of ongoing meetings with current CMS Director Vikki Wachino, which we delivered and presented to her (and transition staff) at the HHS Building in DC.  The document won’t be widely shared until next week, but I have permission to share it with our association members early, but ask that you keep it close until then.  It is a complex document, but very well written and can be used to benefit our work at the state level and legislative talking points moving forward.  Review the document HERE:  ANCOR Access and Adequacy Report
  • Following this meeting I was given the opportunity to attend a secondary meeting with Matt Salo, the Executive Director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors.  Insightful conversation on the future of ACA, how repeal and replace could look in the coming months.
Ken Lovan; Mark Davis; Esme’ Grant Grewal; Katherine Berland; Shannon McCracken; Daryn Demeritt; Doris Parfait-Claude

Wednesday morning 12.14.16:

  • The Kentucky HCBS Waiver Redesign Workgroup (State Staff & Stakeholders) reconvened for its second meeting from 9:30 – 12:30 at the History Center in Frankfort.  Those I spoke with afterward believe the consensus is to develop a larger “super waiver” where participants can access the services they need from a menu of options and not worry about the “silo” or waiver they are in.  For providers this could more easily streamline services, definitions, regulations, forms, etc.  There are no details to share, and this is NOT a foregone conclusion.  This workgroup’s recommendations and proposals will be outlined specifically and shared with external stakeholder groups for review and feedback/comments.  (All providers will get that opportunity.)  The Cabinet Waiver Experts (internal review group) will then review external stakeholder feedback…make any substantive changes if needed based on feedback, then submit proposed changes to leadership Policy Team at the Cabinet.  The Leadership Policy Team (Chief of Staff Davis, CMS Commissioner Miller, Commissioner Anderson and Commissioner Morris)  will then review proposed changes and assess impacts; Approve Changes? If no, they will return back to the original Waiver Redesign Workgroup (that includes us).  If yes, they submit it to Secretary Glisson for review and approval.  The goal is submission to the secretary by the end of August 2017.
  • I’m attaching the document from Wednesday’s workgroup HERE:  hcbs-waiver-redesign-12-14-2016
  • As you’ll see on page 8 of the document, the Key Goals of Redesign determined by the stakeholder process was:  Access & Quality; Collaboration; Communications; Consistency; Simplification; Sustainability and Flexibility.


Wednesday afternoon 12.14.16:

  • Johnny Callebs and I had the opportunity to begin our bi-monthly meeting schedule with DBHDID Commissioner Wendy Morris.  Although we have been working so closely with Commissioner Anderson in her special assignment as Waiver Director, it is still imperative that we begin to rebuild relationships with DBHDID.  Claudia Johnson joined us in the meeting and we agreed that Alice Blackwell should join us moving forward.  I can tell you the mood of the meeting was very positive and it seems Commissioner Morris is open and excited about working with KAPP.  We did not plan a specific agenda as we just wanted to establish contact initially, but we did end up talking about our plans during the legislative session highlight the DSP WORKFORCE.  That message was well received, and it seems we could have some common/consistent talking points among KAPP and other groups, including DBHDID!  Unprecedented opportunities ahead!
  • The Public Policy Committee is working diligently on our talking points for 2017, which lead to a budget ask directed to workforce in 2018.  I will get those to you as soon as possible!



Quick Fixes – Emergency Regulation for SCL:  

  • First of all….don’t lose hope or give up!  Commissioner Anderson is still working tirelessly to get this done for us, addressing our 3 issues we defined as needing solutions ASAP:  1 – Documentation simplification to reduce recoupment risk, 2 – Simplify the Exceptional Rate Protocol process and add a mechanism to calculate true cost and backdate for emergencies, 3 – Eliminate the Daily Note Requirement and return to monthly summaries where applicable.
  • The Exceptional Rate Protocol piece is the most complicated (and controversial) because it includes $$$ and calculations.  I advocated to Commissioner Anderson and Commissioner Miller, to return to the workgroup’s original recommendations.
  • I believe the Cabinet Leadership team was meeting today to try and finalize these issues.  I’ll update you on any developments with the e-reg as I get them!
  • *NOTE – the SCL waiver pending at CMS…the extension runs through 12.29.16.  The current CMS director ends her post 1.19.17 before the Trump administration is ushered in.  In the CMS meeting Monday, we asked about that waiver and urged them to approve it before they leave.  We stressed the urgency of the 240 SCL slots being held up.  I’ve checked with the Medicaid staff in Kentucky and they say everything has been submitted that was required from them.  Now we wait!  If in the next few weeks, that waiver is approved (that includes the slots and the regulatory wins we achieved back in the first part of the year) AND the e-reg is filed to address the quick fixes, we will experience some positive impacts!  We can achieve relief from those as we work to redesign the current waivers over 2017.


  • I hope you have continued to experience less wait times on your calls to DCBS and in the local offices? 
  • I hope you have observed fewer problems where waiver recipients are assigned incorrectly to MCO’s?
  • I hope you have been getting quick responses and solutions to your individual billing issues when you use the process we have agreed upon with the Cabinet?
  • I can tell you that I’ve heard fewer issues from you, although they still clearly exist.  If this is not accurate, I need to hear from you!
  • When we met with OATS/DCBS/DMS/DAIL, they promised to set up meetings with us to trouble shoot/problem solve.  They have followed through with that promise.  They are starting with 4 providers.  We had no say in who they were, but some emails went out today, inviting them.  If you received an invitation, please let me know.  The first meeting agenda:
  • Waiver Workgroup Agenda, January 6th
    Morning (9:00-12:00)
    1.       Introductions
    2.       Current Business Process (benefind, MWMA, MMIS)
    3.       Future Program Plans (system enhancements, training)
    4.       High-level Case Research Outcomes
    Afternoon (1:00-4:00)
    5.       Case Walkthroughs of the 4 providers
  • A small change to the billing eligibility instructions…when you use our Billing Assistance Form, and have emailed the local office without success.  Forward that email (showing that you didn’t receive a response, or didn’t receive a solution), attach the Billing Assistance form and email it to:;;; and copy me.  Some of you have some other contacts you’re emailing, but if you want the quickest resolution, this is the process we’ve agreed upon with the workgroup.

Renew your KAPP Membership for 2017:

Download 2017 Membership Application HERE!

Sign-up for KAPP Committees:

We need your help! Sign-up HERE:

  • I/DD Technical Advisory Committee:  Friday 1/20/17 – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT – Frankfort – 275 E. Main (open to the public)
  • Medicaid Advisory Committee:  Thursday 1/26/17 – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT – Frankfort – Capitol Annex  (open to the public)
    874K Rally 2016

    Capitol Annex & Rotunda – Frankfort

2017 Kentucky General Assembly

  • Tuesday January 3rd:  Session Day 1
  • Wednesday January 4th:  Frankfort, KY – WELCOME BACK TO FRANKFORT RECEPTIONS – 5:00 pm 
  • Wednesday February 15th:  Frankfort, KY – Capitol Annex – KAPP DAY!
  • 2017 Legislative Calendar

State by State Disability News for the week:  HERE


Disabled Kentuckians can now save money without being penalized

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Disabled Kentuckians or their families can now open “ABLE accounts,” allowing them to put money into savings without jeopardizing Supplemental Social Security, Medicaid and other federal benefits.

The program, announced Tuesday by State Treasurer Allison Ball, is the result of legislation enacted this year, providing a state version of the Achieving Better Life Experience Act passed by Congress in 2014.

“For too long, many individuals in Kentucky with disabilities have been denied the opportunity to save and invest,” Ball said.

Money invested in the ABLE accounts, as well as the earnings, are not subject to federal income tax, so long as it is spent on qualified disability expenses.

Kentucky is partnering with Ohio, the first and only other state to set up accounts, and the accounts go through Ohio’s portal, so there is no additional cost to Kentucky, according to Ball. It also means those with disabilities are no longer limited to $2,000 in savings, without losing benefits.

Ball said she chose this time of year to unveil the program for a reason.

“You can actually open STABLE accounts as a gift,” she said. “It’s also a good time for people to be thinking about their tax situation.”

The beneficiaries of these accounts must be under the age of 26.


On the net:

The ABLE’s act’s primary sponsor, Senator Wil Schroder


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Sherri Brothers and Brandon Griffith (click on the image to watch Brandon’s interview on WTVQ Lexington), with the Arc of Central Kentucky, come to the studio to spread the word about a night of delicious food, entertainment, music, silent auction, cash bar & more!

The “Shedding the Mask on Disabilities” event will happen on Friday, December 16th at the Lyric Theatre & Cultural Arts Center located at 300 East Third Street, and will run from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The Arc of Central Kentucky promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and /or developmental disabilities  and actively supports their full  inclusion and participation  in the community throughout their  lifetimes.

PCPID Commits To Prioritizing Workforce After Testimony From ANCOR

December 9, 2016

In last week’s Weekly Update, ANCOR featured a photo of Esme Grant-Grewal, ANCOR’s Senior Director of Government Relations, presenting at the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID). Esme spoke to the committee on behalf of our workforce, appealing to the committee to make the direct support for people with disabilities a focus.

After providing personal testimony and the presentation of data highlighting the extent of the needs within the workforce arena, Esme stated “We do not have time to wait. People with disabilities need to know that they can be supported by one or two individuals that earn their trust instead of the ten or more that they are becoming accustomed to.” You can read Esme’s complete testimony here.

Later this week we were notified that workforce would be the central focus of the PCPID in the coming year. It was close, but Esme’s testimony, data, and perspective helped push them into this direction. There are many issues important to the disability community, and we know that a fairly compensated, compassionate, and well-trained workforce is the cornerstone to the type of support that allows many people with disabilities to freely live their lives.

We at ANCOR are proud of Esme and thank her for her tireless work, and want to share this news as both a celebration and reminder that we continue to be a leading voice in advocating for key workforce issues.

Have a great weekend!  Thank you for all you do for Kentuckians with disabilities every day.



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Shannon McCracken is a leader when it comes to supporting the needs of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. After a decade of experience at the two largest SCL agencies in Kentucky, she made the decision to embrace a new opportunity and start her own company, Commonwealth Case Management. While in the field, Shannon has won numerous national awards and served in multiple leadership positions, most recently with the Kentucky Association of Private Providers (KAPP). From November 2009 - 2012, she served as the Vice-President of Public Policy for the KAPP Board of Directors and served as President from 2012-2015. In 2016, KAPP made a significant investment in its future and offered Shannon a full-time position as the State Executive Director. Being so involved has enabled Shannon to stay at the leading edge and have a great understanding of what it takes to support people with disabilities.

Shannon is a graduate of Western Kentucky University...wife to Tony, mom to Davis (19) & Caroline (17.)

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