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Pre-Filed Bills for KGA 2017

Disabilities and the Disabled

Assisted outpatient treatment, court orders for – BR 87

BR 87T. Burch

AN ACT relating to court-ordered outpatient mental health treatment and making an appropriation therefor.
Amend KRS 202A.081 to require that an attorney be present for a patient agreed order and allow a peer support specialist to be present; require the court to appoint an outpatient provider agency recognized by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to assemble a multi-disciplinary team to develop a treatment plan, monitor treatment adherence, and report to the court; require that crisis services are available 24/7; provide that failure to abide by the order may result in rehospitalization provided that the criteria are met, procedures are initiated via affidavit by the multi-disciplinary team, and mental health examinations take place at community mental health centers; permit additional orders with due process; require that patient agreed order services are covered by Medicaid; require that courts report such orders to the Kentucky Commission on Services and Supports for Individuals with Mental Illness, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Disorders, and Dual Diagnoses; and rename this commitment process a patient agreed order; amend KRS 202A.261 to exempt certain hospitals from being required to provide particular services; amend KRS 202A.271 to require certain hospitals to be paid for services performed under portions of this Act at the same rates the hospital negotiates for other services; create new sections of KRS Chapter 202A to create a process for District Courts to order assisted outpatient mental health treatment; provide for transportation processes for the purposes of a mental health examination; establish eligibility and court proceedings; require a mental health examination and the development of a treatment plan; establish the process for hearings; require the court to appoint an outpatient provider agency to monitor and report on the person under order; authorize 72-hour emergency admission for failure to comply with orders; provide for the right to stay, vacate, or modify orders; provide for a process to change a treatment plan; permit an additional period of treatment to be ordered provided certain criteria are met; require that assisted outpatient treatment services are covered by Medicaid; make the implementation of all newly created sections of KRS Chapter 202A contingent on funding; name these new sections of the bill “Tim’s Law”; APPROPRIATION.

 Nov 23, 2016 – Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

Medically fragile individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, task force on – BR 64

BR 64K. Bratcher

Direct the Legislative Research Commission to establish a task force to develop a strategy and funding mechanism to provide care for medically fragile adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and report findings for referral to the appropriate committees.
Sep 21, 2016 – Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

Protected persons, credit security freeze on record or report – BR 68

BR 68S. Overly

AN ACT relating to credit freezes for consumers.
Create a new section of KRS 367.363 to 367.365 to define “protected person,” “record,” “representative,” and “sufficient proof of authority”; require a consumer reporting agency to place a security freeze on a protected person’s record or report upon proper request by a representative; require the freeze to be placed within 30 days of receiving the request; set forth when the credit reporting agency is required to remove the freeze; allow the credit reporting agency to charge a fee under certain circumstances; establish penalties for violations.
Jul 13, 2016 – Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

Visually impaired and blind pedestrians, information in Kentucky Driver Manual pertaining to – BR 327

BR 327A. Simpson

AN ACT relating to the Kentucky Driver Manual.
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 186 to direct the Office for the Blind to provide the Department of Kentucky State Police with language regarding visually impaired and blind pedestrians to be added to the Kentucky Driver Manual.
Nov 15, 2016 – Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

Shannon McCracken is a leader when it comes to supporting the needs of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. After a decade of experience at the two largest SCL agencies in Kentucky, she made the decision to embrace a new opportunity and start her own company, Commonwealth Case Management. While in the field, Shannon has won numerous national awards and served in multiple leadership positions, most recently with the Kentucky Association of Private Providers (KAPP). From November 2009 - 2012, she served as the Vice-President of Public Policy for the KAPP Board of Directors and served as President from 2012-2015. In 2016, KAPP made a significant investment in its future and offered Shannon a full-time position as the State Executive Director. Being so involved has enabled Shannon to stay at the leading edge and have a great understanding of what it takes to support people with disabilities.

Shannon is a graduate of Western Kentucky University...wife to Tony, mom to Davis (19) & Caroline (17.)

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