The Association was originally incorporated in Kentucky on January 18, 1983 as the “Kentucky Association of Private Residential Facilities for the Mentally Retarded, Inc.” By the early 1990’s the Association’s name was changed to the “Kentucky Association of Residential Resources, Inc.” (KARR), until it was changed in 2004 to KAPP, the Kentucky Association of Private Providers.


The Association is a not-for-profit Kentucky ‘state affiliate’ of the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), which has its offices in Alexandria, Virginia.


The purposes for which this Association was organized were noted in the Articles of Incorporation and are effectively unchanged since coming into existence in 1983 and generally are focused on improving the quality of life of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The purposes of KAPP (and ANCOR) are to promote and assist private providers who offer services and supports to individuals with disabilities and their families; To serve as an accurate and timely source of critical information for its members; To provide leadership in the development and provision of innovative high-quality services and supports in the private sector; To provide members with an influential and respected voice with the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government; To communicate with and assist the membership through formal outreach and other special services; To help develop strong networks among members and other organizations; To provide training and educational opportunities for members; and, to encourage and nurture partnerships that promote self-determination and empowerment of individuals with disabilities.

Initial Board of Directors:

  • Mary Kay Lamb – Morganfield
  • Bob Mobley – Owensboro
  • Nona Bush – Lexington
  • Jim Richardson – LaGrange
  • June Artis – Bowling Green